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A little about us and our growing food business: from food trucks to meal-prepping. Kelly and I are huge foodies! After our 2 kids, our 3 other loves are food, traveling, and music festivals (but that is a different story). We enjoy all sorts of food and when we travel, one of our goals is to eat as much local cuisine as possible.

During Kelly’s pregnancy with our son, she became extremely cautious of what she put in her body. We started reading ALL food labels and decided to cut out anything that wasn’t “real” food. No processed foods, food coloring, additives, chemicals, etc. We switched to a mainly GMO free and an organic diet. This wasn’t too hard as we had stopped eating fast food a couple years before but decide the extra cost of organic food was worth it. Especially with foods we ate daily (eggs, milk, chicken, veggies,).

That is how our concept to our first truck came about. We wanted to sell food that we would eat ourselves and feed our kids. Neither of us have classic kitchen training but we enjoy cooking and learning. We want to bring some of the flavors and dishes we’ve experienced from our travels from around the world.

We started our first food truck in 2014 with 50 Shades of Green, which provides salads and paninis, with a focus on clean, organic ingredients. All our dressings, vinaigrettes & oils are made fresh. Our paninis are made on Dave’s Killer Organic Bread and we always source the highest ingredients, including organic tomatoes, antibiotic free chicken, thick cut applewood smoked bacon and fresh burrata cheese.

A year and a half later we opened up our 2nd & 3rd trucks, 50 Shades Tastier & Unicorn Poop.

50 Shades Tastier is where we can make all our favorite foods we like to eat! With a full kitchen and a truck twice a big as our original, where we are able to make almost anything our hearts desire or our guests want. From our IN-My-Mouth Burger (a play off of a so-cal fav) to our ahi poké bowls and nachos, and of course some other tasty items like our Fried Goat Cheese salad.

What is Unicorn Poop? It is our dessert truck based on a popular Malaysian cold treat called shaved snow. It’s not shaved ice nor ice cream, it is a cross between the two. It’s like getting ice cream or sorbet and shaving it down to fluffy ribbons of deliciousness! We order our snow blocks from a company in California that use fresh, natural ingredients to make these flavor packed blocks. This isn’t ice and flavored sugar syrups, these are made with real fruit, real tea brews, real ingredients! Then we top all this goodness with some fun toppings from real fruit to nuts, candy, cereal, cookies, popping boba, etc, etc, etc. Options are endless! I’m sure you must be asking yourself, “how is candy healthy?” Well it’s good for the soul and of course, everything in moderation.

After seeing everyone post their meal-prepping we thought, “how can eating chicken, broccoli, and brown rice day in and day out, not get boring?!” That’s when we decided to start Clean Eats Meal Prep, with a new menu every week, where the client gets to choose what they want weekly. There are over 80 different meals we have made and are always coming up with new ideas. So many meals you forget which ones are your favorite. Yes we do all the boring stuff for you such as macros & delivery. All you do is order and enjoy!

It’s been one crazy ride but we are not ready to get off yet…. stay tuned for more!