Hearty Breakfast Burrito

A perfect start to your day breakfast burrito! 12" wheat tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, homefries, cheese, Ham or bacon or both, salsa verde.



Homestyle Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes with bell peppers and onions, and turkey sausage.



Huevos Rancheros

Scrambled egg with homemade salsa verde, chorizo roasted red potatoes, black beans, cojita cheese, cilantro. GF, Keto Friendly

Cal 373, Carbs 24, Fat 17, Protein 29,



Beef and Broccoli

Sirloin steak thinly sliced and stir fried, served with steamed broccoli and brown rice. Cal 376, Carbs 32, Fat 13, Protein 28



Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Breast, marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella over spaghetti squash (shown over zoodles)

Calories 379, Carbs 17, Fat 15, Protein 43, Sugar 4



Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Marinated chicken thighs charbroiled served with seasonal veggies and steamed rice with homemade teriyaki sauce. Topped with furikake seasoning *DF,


Enchilada Dinner ( Beef Or Chicken)

Delicious authentic enchiladas with your choice of beef or chicken, made with our house made, roasted enchilada sauce ( the best you'll ever have), served with house made pinto beans de la olla ( pot made beans) and spanish rice. Topped with cheese. Switch out our pinto beans for Ranchero beans which are made with bacon, chorizo, ham and spices.




Low Carb Teriyaki Salmon

Wild caught atlantic salmon marinated and roasted, over cauliflower rice with sautéed veggies. Low carb, guilt-free!



Citrus Herb Cod

Marinated and roasted Atlantic wild caught cod. Served with brown rice & steamed veggies Cal 314, Carbs 21, Fat 14, Protein 24 *Gluten Free



Turkey Meatballs & Spaghetti Squash

Seasoned ground turkey, onion, garlic, parsley, panko crumbs, egg. Over roasted organic spaghetti squash marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese Cal-233, Carbs 8, Fat 10, Protein 22, Sugar 10 *Low Carb



Turkey Pesto Wrap

Roasted and hand sliced turkey breast, havarti cheese, italian basil pesto, roasted red peppers, spring mix wrapped in a spinach wrap.

Low Carb, GF, Keto Friendly


Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo marinated grilled chicken with delicious blue cheese cilantro ranch! This combo is out of this world! This Buffalo Chicken Salad is perfect for lunch or dinner. Served over romaine tossed with corn, carrot sticks and celery. PS-No croutons will be used making this meal *GF

Cal 372 (140+ from Ranch Dressing) Carbs 23g; Fat 16g; Protein 31g